Town Crier: Getting to grips with death is a part of life

Cheryl monks has been targeted with abuse.
Cheryl monks has been targeted with abuse.

As the old saying goes, none of us are getting any younger. More and more the focus is on our “ageing population”, a challenge to be sure, yet surely a positive one?

The greatest measure of a society is the way it treats its elders, many would argue, so it’s important we get it right.

Equally, it’s just as important to look at the “thereafter”, death, as it were.

Dying Matters Awareness Week, between May 12 and 18, takes that bold step, bridging the gap between “end of life” and “death”.

The events are designed to provide people with the information they need and help them to talk openly about how they feel about these very important issues. (See page 12 for more on this.)

One can only guess at the mentality of internet trolls who get their sick kicks out of abusing and insulting people online in the worst way possible. Victim Cheryl Monks (see page 1) who has faced discrimination and abuse for years simply because she has facial hair, was left devastated after she was targeted on Facebook because of her appearance.

The abuse is often borne out of ignorance and cruelty but it seems that if your appearance is not ordinary, you could be a target – a sad indictment of society.