Town Crier: Crossing line between wealth and safety

lollipop threat: Crossing patrols.
lollipop threat: Crossing patrols.

It has been an increasing problem for schools - and is now set to get that much worse.

The unnatural clash between cars and children is a difficult problems to resolve.

That parents want to drop off their children as close to class as possible, is perfectly understandable to a point, for safety reasons.

The stark reality is, with hundreds of parents trying to drop hundreds of children off directly outside the school gates, doing so is anything but safe.

With one headteacher taking direct action through the use of bollards,and describing parents as ‘selfish’, and Lancashire County Council considering a charge for schools for school crossing patrols – it is clear that this is an issue that needs resolving, and quickly, before a child is killed.

Of course, some parents can walk their children to school, others park away and walk their children in but even those face dangers from competing cars near the schools.

Every school is different but it is clear something needs laying out in policy, if to save even one accident or life.

If schools will be expected to pay for crossing patrols in the future, lines will need to be drawn in the sand to ensure that this does not divide into the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

It will be a sad day if children face even more danger because of lack of money.