Town Crier: Cross your fingers for plucky Georgina

Wayne Clinning.
Wayne Clinning.
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As I write this we at the Visitor are crossing our fingers for the incredibly brave Georgina, at just 19 facing an uphill battle for her own life and that of her unborn child.

She has already overcome some terrifying hurdles in her young life - surviving a heart transplant at just 15 and now defeating very long odds and risking her own health to become pregnant at all. She is desperately aware this could be her one chance to have a child and like every mother simply wants the best chance for health and survival for her unborn child. We are all thinking of you and your family, Georgina.

Change is afoot with plans for Morecambe town centre including the moving of a taxi rank across the road.

Drivers have expressed deep concerns for these proposals, already passed by Lancaster city council, saying they are an accident waiting to happen. There are also fears the proposals may not boost trade, as is hoped, but do quite the opposite. We shall follow this story with interest.

It’s been difficult to miss the story of the Morecambe mechanic who took his customer’s car for a joyride, reaching speeds of 118mph.

Unfortunately for him this was captured on a dash-cam.

Let’s hope that the local firm does not suffer too much from the reckless actions of one individual.