Town Crier: Common sense and calm must prevail

Cannabis farm.
Cannabis farm.

It is not difficult to understand the fears of residents of the small village of Overton - population roughly 1,500 - when faced with the possibility of an influx of strangers - numbering a possible 2,500.

To describe this as an invasion is no understatement - what is more it is an threatened invasion that seems unfettered by the complexities of health, safety, planning, law and consultationthat usually control events of this kind.

Running a festival is not just a matter of letting a load of people turn up o your land - just ask Michael Eavis.

There is no confirmation - as yet - that Life and Light festival is headed to Overton but something is certainly in the water and it is important that if any type of event goes ahead it is subject to the stringent rules and guidelines that apply to the rest of society.

Last night, more than 100 local residents met with police and councillors to express their fears and it is important they are listened to - but also vital that prejudice does not play a part in any negotiations.

This needs approaching from a practical viewpoint - and it it practical for an event of this type to go ahead? Watch this space...

The astonishing pictures of the cannabis farm found in Morecambe are a reminder that something needs to be done about the empty building problem - and as fast as possible.