Town Crier: And tomorrow we’ll all jump off a cliff...


As the foremost advocate of social media in the greater Morecambe area, I cannot argue with the power, relevance, usefulness and entertainment factor of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc etc in this day and age.

However, when it comes to the latest craze ( well, actually its probably quite three weeks ago) – Neknominate – I draw the line.

Without sounding like a party pooper I cannot quite get my head around the viral popularity of a game of dare that leaves you necking drinks and sometimes cleaning fluids, all in the spirit of bravado - because somebody you probably don’t know that well issued an order.

If nothing else, it puts pressure on individuals that smacks of bullies in a playground but also it is frankly, and call me out on this if you like, a bit stupid?

What makes this infinitely worse the craze is advocated , not just by young people experimenting and testing boundaries, but by normally sound and sensible adults, sometimes in positions of responsibility.

Now I’m all for a bit of fun, but at some point common sense should kick in - but worryingly social media seems to create some sort of heightened reality where the usual rules don’t apply. So before we all become sheep or lemmings and take a dare to the death, let’s take a step back and grow up. NICOLA ADAM