Town Crier: A decade of grief - now time to remember

10th anniversary of cockling disaster.
10th anniversary of cockling disaster.

Hard to believe ten years have passed since the fateful night which spelled tragedy for 23 Chinese men and women - here in Britain to earn money for their families.

And incredibly poignant that in the last few weeks the very muddy sands that sealed their fate have chosen to throw up a poignant reminder of that horrific night.

The bags of cockles and even the vehicle used by the doomed cocklers have re-emerged from the sands of the bay which stole their lives, a reminder of the ever moving cycles of the sands and the terrifying ability of the bay to take life and anything else that suits it. This tragedy should never have happened, that is for sure. Who was to blame?

The snakehead gangs, the authorities, the actions of the cocklers themselves, the blind eyes of the local community, the weather? All these topics have been hotly debated - all we can hope is that lessons have been learned that ensure it never happens again.

The cockle beds are closed now, new legislation in place and more on the way. Buthere in Morecambe, at the scene of the horror which occurred on our doorstep, have we taken in the significance of those lives lost? In China, families still mourn their dead. Now they haveasked for a memorial on the bay. Let us help them to build one. NICOLA ADAM