Town Crier: 2013 has been a stormy year in many ways

A firefighter tackles the wildlife at Heysham Moss Nature Reserve.
A firefighter tackles the wildlife at Heysham Moss Nature Reserve.

It has gone like a flash, but here we are publishing the final Visitor of the year, following a tumultous 12 months.

This has been the year which the M6 link road has finally been given the go-ahead after decades of to-ing and fro-ing and many false starts.

It was the year in which Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Festival took the resort by storm - with even more ambitious plans for next years event.

It was the year when The Visitor’s Sunshine Ball sold out - and proved memorable thanks to Sunshine Embassador winner Cedric Robinson and special guest, TV personality Gordon Burns. Morecambe experienced thebiggest storm surge for decades in 2013, prompting the incredible sight of huge waves crashing along the prom and seeing a gym car park engulfed by water.

It was the year when Urban Splash, responsible for the renovation of the Midland Hotel, quit Morecambe - with it’s ambitious plans for a development of the prom rejected by the local community.

It has been a year of debate on how to spend allocatedcash for Morecambe’s West End, with a total of almost £3m to spend, part government grant , part Big Lottery fund cash.

2014 will be a big year for the town’s most struggling area and a fantastic year for Morecambe as a whole. Happy New Year to all.