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The promenade area of Morecambe.
The promenade area of Morecambe.
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As we all start to take stock of our festive excess and attempt to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions, we seem to be getting a helping hand from mother nature.

She too is attempting a detox of sorts.

The turbulent and sometimes dangerous weather of late, plus the addition of very high tides, has seen the water of Morecambe Bay throwing up a cavalcade of rubbish, effectively cleansing Morecambe Bay of much of it’s litter and depositing it back on shore in handy piles, largely at key beauty spots.

This could be described as divine intervention, as payback, or as a natural detox but whatever the result – it means that Morecambe, Heysham and other areas are now looking pretty messy.

Maybe as we all undertake our bracing, health-giving, new year walks by the coast ( at a safe distance from raging seas), we could each pick up a piece of the accumulated detritus and bin it.

However, it would seem that as a whole we have escaped the worst excesses of ‘stormageddon’ here in our corner of the North West.

Yes, it has been dramatic and visually stunning and some people have experienced flood damage. But as a whole we have got off lighter than feared. So far...

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Nicola Adam, editor