Torch passing Morecambe Winter Gardens

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The Friends of Morecambe’s Winter Gardens Theatre had a bird’s eye view of the Olympic torch as it was carried along the promenade.

Chair of the Friends, Evelyn Archer, said: “Seeing the torch made me feel that we were finally part of the Olympics.

“It’s all been down in London so far so seeing it here has made us feel involved.

June Stancliffe said: “We had a great view from the top of the theatre but it was rather wet to say the least!

“I’ll never see anything like it again in my lifetime. I’m glad we have all supported it.”

Visitor news editor, Ingrid Kent, was also on the top of the old theatre.

Ingrid said: “We had a fantastic view right down the promenade towards Bare. It was so exciting to see the cavalcade edging closer and closer.

“Although the rain was hammering down we still had great fun. I loved seeing all the local schoolchildren cheering and waving their flags.”

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