This little wonder solution has eased many a creaking joint

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WHEN the weather is cold, as it has been recently, joints can start to seize up and ache.

Knees and hips can become painful, and many people come in to see us to see if there is anything they can try to help improve their joint health and reduce their stiffness.

Last year, we were introduced to a new product, based on some of our favourite joint remedies, made by a company called Lamberts – Glucosamine Complete.

Now, before you switch off, thinking I am just writing about glucosamine again, please bear with me!

This is quite a different kettle of fish to most of the other things on the market.

Many products combine glucosamine with other ingredients for joint health, but when you look at them, they contain very little of the important ingredients.

Others, which contain decent amounts, are horribly expensive.

Glucosamine Complete manages to provide decent levels of the important ingredients at a pretty reasonable price.

For example, if you take the suggested dose you will get 1,500mg of glucosamine, plus 300mg chondroitin (many combination products only have 100mg or less of this) plus MSM, another important component in joint health.

On top of this, Glucosamine Complete also provides good doses of quercertin, ginger and rosehip.

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