This Government can exactly mirror manifesto

David Morris.
David Morris.
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Parliament officially opened this week with the Queen coming for the Queen’s speech, which sets out the bills that will be debated and hopefully passed by this Government in the next Parliamentary year.

The Queen’s speech promised to legislate for most of what was in the Conservative Party’s manifesto this coming year, and without a coalition Government the priorities of this Government can exactly mirror the manifesto commitments people voted for, which could not happen in 2010.

It is great to also see that the Government has chosen to legislate for a Psychoactive Substances Bill, which bans so called ‘legal highs’, this is particularly important for our area as some students were recently hospitalised at Lancaster University for taking such drugs.

Other bills that will particularly help in our area are the Enterprise Bill which takes away further red tape for small businesses, and the Energy Bill which seeks to continue to increase energy security, and I am sure all of you now know that I believe the way to do this is through new nuclear builds such as the one planned in Heysham.

Back in the constituency and I have been meeting with agencies and Government departments locally to be updated on any new issues or programmes since Parliament was dissolved on the March 30.

On Friday I was also pleased to be invited to open the Morecambe Heritage Centre on the promenade next to the Winter Gardens.

Morecambe Heritage centre is at the moment a pop up exhibition for the summer season and it has a fantastic display of music memorabilia from the Winter Gardens and also from Blackpool.

I would urge everyone to pop in and see the exhibition as the team have done a fantastic job sourcing all of the programmes, posters and photographs and I am sure most of you will recognise at least one or two names, 
you may even be related to some.

A particular highlight of mine was finding some posters from my name sake Dave Morris.