Thief targets woman in wheelchair outside Morecambe library

Karen Woolley.
Karen Woolley.

A woman in a wheelchair who was targeted by a thief outside Morecambe library is warning people to be on their guard.

Karen Woolley, 59, from Morecambe, had just visited the library and was waiting outside for a taxi in her electric wheelchair when the thief struck just before 4pm on Tuesday March 19.

Karen, who has MS and volunteers at the Neuro Drop In Centre in Lancaster, said she felt her bag being moved, and called for her carer, who gave chase, but the man got away.

Her purse, containing some cash and credit cards, was stolen.

She said: “I had some books and I came out of the library and I was waiting for a taxi.

“It started raining and I felt the bag go off me. I shouted my carer, and she chased him.

“I’d just withdrawn some money. I was really shocked.

“I just want people to know how easy it is for this to happen.”

Morecambe Police said they are investigating the incident.