There's more reasons to clean up, Morrisons

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LANCASTER City Council is ready to get tough with supermarket giant Morrisons and force it to tidy up the former Frontierland site in Morecambe.

It is six years since the closure of the theme park and, apart from the demolition and removal of many of the rides, the site has been left derelict.

A hoarding meant to screen the site from tourists has itself become an eyesore and cannot hide a huge mound of earth. The final straw was the erection last week of razor wire around the Polo Tower.

Coun Janice Hanson, the council's cabinet member with responsibility for the regeneration of Morecambe, said it was time to get tough with the company.

"Ideally we would like them to get on and implement their

planning permission (for a new development on the site)," she said.

"But if that's not going to happen in the short term I think we've reached the stage where something has to be done because it really is unacceptable.

"The people of Morecambe have supported Morrisons for many years and I think it's time they do something and sort it out."

The council's planning department is currently considering action under 'untidy site' legislation. This would see the serving of a notice on the company requiring it to tidy the land.

The maximum fine if the notice is not complied with, however, is 1,000.

Mick Donlon from the Upstairs Downstairs pub, who has been outspoken in his attempts to have the land tidied up, said it was too little too late.

"It would have been better if they'd done it (implement an untidy land notice) three years ago," he said.

"Frontierland's been like that now for six years and absolutely nothing has been done.

"It's an embarassment to Morecambe but, to be honest, I've given up on it because it's like banging your head up against a brick wall."

Morrisons was last year granted planning permission to build a major new development on the site.

As well as two retail units and a gym/sports store on the rear of the site, it included 125 apartments and 28 townhouses.

Despite numerous attempts The Visitor was unable to gain comment from Morrisons.


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