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Morecambe gets a fair amount of stick.

Empty shops, closed down venues, the resort is regularly seen as being stuck in the past.

But one thing that is for sure, on a clear day, the views across the bay are more than often amongst the best views in the North West.

With that in mind, former Visitor editor Glen Cooper has set up a Facebook page, Morecambe – stunning skies and sunsets, allowing people to share their pictures and celebrate our town.

“I’d seen a couple of absolutely gorgeous pink and violet skies over the past few weeks but, at the time, was driving or on the train and couldn’t get any nice photos,” said Glen.

“Then I saw one or two posted by friends on Facebook which were sensational. But I knew they’d only each be seen by ‘their’ friends so decided to set up a page where they could all be grouped together.

“Now there’s quite a collection building up on the page, ‘Morecambe – stunning skies and sunsets’ – some absolutely amazing photos.

“I’ve always loved my home town and take every chance I can to promote it to others. Facebook now allows us to share Morecambe with the world.

“As I keep telling my kids, we’re very lucky to live where we do and shouldn’t take our lovely seafront, fantastic views and glorious skies for granted.”

Type Morecambe – stunning skies and sunsets into your Facebook search to find the page.

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