The Heartbreaks tour London on a bus

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MOVE over Cliff Richard because Morecambe pop group The Heartbreaks are going on their very own “Summer Holiday”!

The indie band will tour London record shops on a promotional double decker bus this Saturday (April 21) to promote the release of their debut album Funtimes on May 7.

Stopping off along the way to play acoustic sets and hand out some very special Heartbreaks goody bags, the band will also invite fans onto the “Funtimes Bus” to tour London with them and get into the spirit of the day.

This coincides with Record Store Day on Saturday, a national initiative to celebrate the declining pleasure of buying music from record shops.

The Heartbreaks will release early limited edition copies of Funtimes on white vinyl as part of Record Store Day.

You can follow the boys on their journey from first thing on Saturday on the band’s Twitter ( and Facebook (

The Heartbreaks’ next single Delay, Delay is released on April 30.

Then the group - Matthew Whitehouse, Joe Kondras, Ryan Wallace and Chris “Deaks” Deakin – will go out on a UK tour from May 5 to 18.

Watch the Delay, Delay video HERE