The Heartbreaks’ Homecoming

The Heartbreaks Homecoming. PIC by Richard Davis.
The Heartbreaks Homecoming. PIC by Richard Davis.
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THE lead singer’s voice was almost gone, there were a few technical issues with the sound, and the guitarist got into a scuffle in the pub afterwards with a Meat Loaf lookalike.

But even when not everything went exactly to plan, The Heartbreaks still pulled off a spectacular ‘Homecoming’ performance.

A 200-strong crowd dominated by twentysomethings with throwback haircuts and buttoned-up shirt collars, and Richard Davis’ poignant film of Morecambe’s amusement arcades to a gorgeous soundtrack by The Shangri-Las, generated an expectant pre-gig buzz in More Music’s fantastic new venue.

Then our four hometown heroes emerged, launching straight into triumphant opener Delay, Delay.

“Here we are sat in our little town, we’ll be the pride of it some day,” crooned singer Matt Whitehouse.

Judging by the exultant masses singing along on the dancefloor, they already are.

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