The Fisherman’s Friends are coming to Morecambe’s Platform

The Fisherman's Friends are coming to Morecambe's Platform.
The Fisherman's Friends are coming to Morecambe's Platform.

Cornwall’s best-known musical export, the Fisherman’s Friends, will be bringing their UK tour to The Platform on Friday March 8.

Known as the original ‘buoy band’, the Cornish group are bound together by lifelong friendship and shared experience.

For more than a quarter of a century they have met on the Platt on the harbour in their native Port Isaac to sing the songs of the sea.

With a film based on their incredible true story about to hit cinema screens in 2019, the band are going out on the road.

The film stars the likes of Daniel Mays (The Limehouse Golem, Swimming With Men), James Purefoy (Rome, Netflix’s Altered Carbon) and Tuppence Middleton (War & Peace, The Imitation Game).

While only making cameo appearances in the film, the band’s unique songs and voices weave their way through the heartfelt, poignant and at times hilarious narrative, providing the bedrock for what has already been hailed as one of the film highlights of 2019.

It’s nearly ten years since Island Records persuaded the Fisherman’s Friends to sign the record deal that saw their album, Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends, sell Gold as they became the first traditional folk act to land a UK top ten album.

The Fisherman’s Friends have also been the subject of an ITV documentary and released the hit albums One and All (2013), Proper Job (2015) and Sole Mates (2018).

The Fisherman’s Friends are: fisher brothers John and Jeremy Brown; writer/shopkeeper Jon Cleave; potter Billy Hawkins; smallholder and engineer John ‘Lefty’ Lethbridge; builder John McDonnell (a Yorkshireman who visited Port Isaac more than 30 years ago and never left); Padstow fisherman Jason Nicholas and film maker Toby Lobb.

The show at The Platform starts at 7.30pm on Friday March 8.

Tickets cost £25 from 01524 582803.