The Christians still going strong after 25 years

The Christians.
The Christians.
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Do you remember the 1980s band The Christians? Well they are still together and still touring.

They are, of course, famed for hits such as ‘Ideal World’ and their version of ‘Harvest For The World.’ Whilst travelling to a recent concert in Settle, the band popped into The Bay studios for a chat and a live session.

Half of the band, Joey, Gary and Neil are on an acoustic jaunt around the UK. After over 25 years in the business they must still love what they do.

I looked at their website and they have a ridiculous number of concerts this year with hardly any nights off.

The group from Liverpool found success 27 years ago with their debut album.

Gary said: ”I always play our debut single which I say was from way back in 1987 which even sounds strange to say. I can’t believe it. It’s gone in a flash. It makes me realise that we need to appreciate every moment and enjoy it because time goes way too quickly.”

The Christians seems to have a dedicated group of fans who have grown up with them.

Gary told me: “I love hearing stories of how our music has helped people at various times of their lives. Only today a lady said she listened to our album constantly during her pregnancy. That’s unusual actually as people normal tell us they were listening during the conception!” I was keen to learn who the band are listening to these days. Gary told me: “This is going to make me sound like a grumpy old man, but I can’t stand Olly Murs. I’m sure he is a lovely guy but I just don’t believe a word he sings.

“It’s the same with everyone who has come into the business from the talent show route. We had to constantly play live before any success which is why we still have fans coming to our gigs.”

In between all these tour dates they have been working on new material which may make an appearance this year.

Joey told me “We have tried out the new songs at some of our recent gigs and they seem to have gone down well. We do always warn people that a new song is coming up so they can go to the bar or nip to the loo if they want!”