Teenagers heartbroken over missing polecats

The missing polecats DiNozzo and Ziva.
The missing polecats DiNozzo and Ziva.
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TWO teenagers have been left heartbroken after their pet polecats did a runner.

The polecats, girls called DiNozzo and Ziva, somehow escaped from their cage in Overton and are now roaming the countryside.

Owners Kelcey, 17, and Mackenzie, 13, along with their dad Anthony Bamber, have put posters up in the village near their house on Middleton Road in a bid to find their pets.

Anthony said: “The polecats have their own hutch in the garage but they are great escape artists and can escape from anything.

“The lid is closed and the door is closed yet they still manage to escape. They can be very acrobatic and climb and jump everywhere.

“Although they have escaped before, this time they used brute force and pulled away the wire from the edge and skedaddled.”

The polecats went missing on Thursday, May 24, but there have been sightings of them since by numerous villagers.

Anthony said: “They’ll be somewhere nice and warm and they’ll have a traipse around.

“If they can find a food source they would be quite efficient in the wild.

“The kids are a bit miffed, so if anyone knows where the polecats are, please contact me.”

If you know where the polecats are, give Anthony a call on 07737 237001.