Teenage mum hanged herself - inquest

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A TEENAGE mother suffering from depression and delusions hanged herself in a garden shed.

Danielle Watson, 18, took her own life on August 4 after buying a rope from a DIY store, an inquest heard on Friday.

Danielle's mum, Tracey Watson, told the inquest that her daughter had been "quite wild" as a youngster and would often drink heavily.

At the age of 16 she met her boyfriend and "seemed to settle down". She soon fell pregnant and gave birth to her son, Matthew, at the age of 17.

Dr Euan Lawson, a GP at the West End Health Centre, saw Danielle in October 2004 and diagnosed her as suffering from post natal depression.

He prescribed anti-depressants but the following month Danielle visited him again and said she had been having thoughts of killing herself with a knife.

She was referred to the crisis resolution team for counselling.

Dr Lawson said she was next seen in June this year by the out-of-hours GP service, saying she had been "given instructions by the television".

The following month she was given a different type of anti-depressant and referred to the community mental health team.

On the morning of August 4 Ms Watson left home at 9am, leaving Danielle at home. She tried to telephone her daughter during the day but got no answer.

She returned home at around 6pm and went to the garden shed to put away her bike.

The shed was locked and the key was in the door.

As she unlocked the door she found Danielle hanging inside.

Ms Watson tried to resuscitate her daughter but she was pronounced dead.

Inside the house a notebook was found, inside which Danielle stated her intention to take her own life.

A receipt for a local DIY store dated that afternoon for the purchase of the rope used by Danielle was also found.

Ms Watson added that she knew her daughter had been prescribed anti-depressants but did not know she had expressed suicidal thoughts.

The deputy coroner, Derek Baker, said it was clear Danielle had intended to take her own life and recorded a verdict of suicide.