Sykes has powerful voice for someone so young

Nathan Sykes of The Wanted.
Nathan Sykes of The Wanted.
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There is an established pattern with boybands.

They have a shorter shelf life than a packet of cornflakes. I was at school when Take That split up the first time and I remember the girls in my class sobbing. It was like someone had died.

These days record companies are keen not to be accused of making teenage girls hysterical so groups don’t actually break up, they ‘take a break to pursue solo projects.’

The Wanted did exactly that. They went their separate ways last year after a run of successful hit singles including several number ones.

The rule book of boybands also states that one member has to have a successful solo career but not necessarily the one you expect. Take Gary and Robbie as an example.

In The Wanted, Max George was perhaps considered the frontman of the group but this week I had a chat to Nathan Sykes ahead of the launch of his debut solo single.

Nathan is still only 20 despite several years of success with the group. Nathan’s vocal talents have been a well-kept secret. He has such a powerful soul voice with an incredibly rich tone.

It’s hard to believe that voice is coming out of someone so young.

Nathan believes his voice has developed through the music he grew up listening to.

“I grew up listening to a lot of soul and Motown. I am a massive fan of jazz too. Donny Hathaway I’m the biggest fan of. I listen to him 24/7.”

It is testament to his talent that the record company gave him free rein to do whatever he wanted on the new record.

Talking about his new single ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Nathan told me: “It’s really exciting. I know it’s a massive departure from what I was doing before. I wanted to release this one first because I think it’s a bit of a statement with all the horns at the start.”

The track does have the feel of an old soul standard about it but with a contemporary production.

Nathan continued: “I’ve always wanted to merge my two loves of jazz and soul but keep it hot at the same time and I think we have managed it with this new song.”

Nathan Sykes is a very switched on guy and instead of taking the easy road and doing a catchy pop record he has made an album which stands up on its own.