Survey shows British kids think Morecambe is in Cornwall

The Eden Project in Cornwall.
The Eden Project in Cornwall.
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A survey by Travelodge of young people in Britain has revealed 48% of them don’t know where Morecambe is – and 18% of them think it’s in Cornwall.

The study quizzed 2,000 British children aged between eight to 15 years old.

Key findings revealed that despite young Britons taking a regular jaunt to the seaside, they are oblivious to the actual location of Britain’s coastal destinations.

Nine per cent of those surveyed believe Morecambe is in the Yorkshire Dales, while 19% reckon St Ives is in the Carribean and 10% think Torquay is in France.

Shakila Ahmed from Travelodge said: “This research highlights that children are struggling to grasp the basic geography of Britain.

“English seaside resorts have a special place in our hearts, as they are where childhood memories are made. Therefore it’s important for young travellers to learn the geography of their country, as it will stay with them forever.”