Surprising help to ease varicose veins

FIRSTLY, I would like to thank everyone who attended or supported the Natural Health Show at the Platform in Morecambe on April 15.

We had 340 people through the door and my father raised more than £2,000 to support the school he built in Uganda. We have had lots of good feedback from the event, so thank you everyone! Now on with the article...

As I write this column every week, I am always on the look out for good stories to tell you to hopefully keep things interesting for all of us.

This week I heard an amazing story about somebody using one of our favourite products for a problem I had never even considered using it for previously.

The product in question is serrapeptase which was originally found in the enzymes produced by silk worms and it has some truly amazing benefits. It helps to break down three different types of tissue – inflammatory tissue, scar tissue and mucus.

This means that it has a number of uses, but over the last few year we have used it in three main circumstances.

Firstly, its anti-inflammatory effects have made it a great thing for people suffering with problems like tendonitis. We have always been impressed with the results.

Secondly, we often suggest it to people with a build-up or a problem with scar tissue and, finally, it has been a very helpful to a number of customers who have used it to help with their breathing problems.

The people who have used it for breathing have included a gentleman with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lady with emphysema and another woman who was struggling with asthma, all of whom have told us that they believe it has helped them.

But this week, as I said, a lady came in with a whole new suggestion for it.

She told us that her husband had been using if for his varicose veins. She said that he had had these for more than 30 years and they had been causing him quite a lot of discomfort.

He had read about the serrapeptase somewhere and decided to give it a try. Apparently, the results had been incredibly successful.

He had only used one bottle and his wife was saying that his varicose veins were so much better, it was as if he had never had them!

Now serrapeptase is one of the few supplements where you only need to use a bottle to know whether it is going to help you or not and when I thought about it I could see the sense of trying it for varicose veins – it should reduce the swelling and discomfort quite quickly and effectively.

So I shall certainly be suggesting that other people give this a go!

However, for anyone wanting to give it a try for themselves her is a bit of advice about how best to take it.

First, as it is an enzyme, it should be taken away from food, either half an hour before you eat or at least an hour afterward.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the product you buy is enteric coated. This means that it will go through your stomach better and therefore the results you achieve could be better.

Look for an 80,000iu strength product and for the first pot try two or even three a day as this will give you a really good idea whether serrapeptase is the product for you.

Good luck!