SUNSHINE BALL SPONSOR: Wright and Lord solicitors

The Wright and Lord table at the 2015 Sunshine Ball.
The Wright and Lord table at the 2015 Sunshine Ball.
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Wright and Lord Solicitors might be one of the best known law firms in the area but they have become equally well known for always being deeply involved in supporting the activities of the town’s people.

This reputation for ‘giving back’ to our community is further established by the fact that they are now revealed as sponsors of this prestigious and important event for a fourth successive year.

“This event is an absolute delight to support”, said Lynne Lord, director.

“We are really pleased to be part of the incredible success it has enjoyed and see that it is growing year

on year.”

Wright and Lord themselves have also enjoyed growth in the last few years, despite the testing economic situation in the region. They have increased staff year on year at all offices and will soon start work significantly expanding their offices at Bare.

“We seem to keep running out of space so we must be doing something right!” said Stephen Wright.

“We are delighted to have recruited some great staff this last year and look forward to seeing our new building plans completed at Bare by the middle of the year. Meanwhile, our office at Milnthorpe has new increased capacity and we have established a very busy and successful business there.”

It is now just over 15 years since Wright and Lord Solicitors first opened their doors to the public in January 2001.

The firm was set up from scratch by Stephen Wright and the late Simon Lord on the corner of Victoria Street and Northumberland Street in central Morecambe.

The building had been empty for many years and had to undergo substantial renovation.

Within just a few years Wright and Lord Solicitors had established themselves as one of the major providers of legal services in the district.

Right from the start, the firm has taken great pride in delivering legal services in innovative ways, with improved value for money whilst their clients enjoy the highest levels of care and comfort.

The Wright and Lord name promptly became synonymous with growth and success.

This was further enhanced by its association and sponsorship of Morecambe Football Club. The three year shirt sponsorship deal culminated in victory at the new Wembley Stadium and promotion for the town’s club to the Football League for the first time in its history.

In 2004, Wright and Lord bought the long established local firm of James Wilson Solicitors on Princes Crescent, Bare from where they continue to operate a thriving branch office, now incorporating a Furness Building Society agency.

The following year Wright and Lord Solicitors became Club Sponsors at Morecambe Cricket Club and this partnership has happily continued ever since.

Wright and Lord Solicitors continued their support right through the community. Via long standing sponsorship of amateur sports clubs (such as Slyne with Hest Football Club), practical assistance to charities and trusts as well as time and resources for the furtherance of community projects, Wright and Lord have become deeply involved in many aspects of local life.

In 2012, Wright and Lord Solicitors expanded once again with their brand new office in Milnthorpe, Cumbria, and in the process, converting yet another empty building into comfortable, modern office space.

Even though they are now well established, Wright and Lord Solicitors are not ‘set in their ways’. They retain their vibrancy and enthusiasm for making all and any changes required to constantly hit the very best standards possible in value for money and service.

Wright and Lord Solicitors are delighted to have been given the opportunity of supporting this prestigious and valuable event once again.