Sunny side to new council

THOSE readers who supported my campaign through The Visitor and the city council five years ago to try and get the council to reinstate the Morecambe weather readings for inclusion in the national press will be glad to know that the new Morecambe Town Council has pledged to pursue the matter.

This follows the first-ever question put to the council under the new public participation arrangements agreed at the meeting.

Chairman, Coun Evelyn Archer, said they would pursue it and asked the clerk to follow it up.

Up to 2002, a city council officer had taken two readings a day from the weather station in front of Morecambe Town Hall and sent those to the Met. Office, who added them into listings for the national press.

When the council decided to reduce the readings to cut costs the Met Office stopped including Morecambe in the national list.

A Met Office press officer explained that Morecambe Bay was "afforded a good deal of shelter from most wind directions which goes a long way to providing the answer to why sunshine figures can be better than neighbouring areas".

The Met Office would welcome the reinstatement of regular readings from Morecambe.

My wife Marjorie and I were very impressed with the way the new town council set about its business.

It was a very dignified meeting, with all 26 councillors conducting themselves with courtesy. Coun Archer stressed that it was now their job "to demonstrate that it can make a difference."

Meetings are to be held regularly on the third Thursday in the month (at 7pm) except August. I recommend that anyone who has an issue with the council attend one of these meetings and put their point.

Andrew Wilson

Thornton Road