Students gain pedal power

HEYSHAM Community High School has raised the handle-bar on extracurricular activities after winning a bid for eight brand new mountain bikes that all students have access to.

Staff at the school decided they needed the bikes for various skill enhancing activities and knowing that some students don’t have access to safe and top-of-the-range bikes themselves, decided the school needed a communal set of its own.

Design teacher, Mr Powers and geography teacher, Mr Winstanley have organised a weekly biking club that will enjoy various local trails. Students will go up to Grizedale forest during the school’s Enrichment week and plans are being made for the bikes to be used on Duke of Edinburgh trips.

Student Jamie Humpage said: “The bikes give an opportunity for people who want to ride bikes and not many other schools have this.

“Knowing they are going to be taken on Duke of Edinburgh trips will be so much more fun.”

See The Visitor (04-05-11) for full story.