Stickers on bags warning will hit home

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If you leave your bag unattended in a pub over Christmas, expect to find a sticker on it warning it could have been stolen by a thief.

Lancaster Pubwatch have introduced the sticker campaign in a bid to reduce the number of handbags, mobile phones and wallets stolen after they have been left without their owners.

Chairman of Lancaster Pubwatch for seven years Tim Tomlinson said: “It’s an awareness campaign and it’s just a little thing we can do but more people are out in pubs in Lancaster over Christmas and they need to be aware of the risk.

“There are quite a lot of thefts from handbags left unattended in pubs, and wallets and mobile phones disappear.

“We have little stickers so if any of the bar staff see an unattended bag they stick it on the bag – it says ‘Look after your property it could have been stolen’. We are also handing out anti-drink spiking devices so people can see if they have had their drink spiked.

“We just want people to be aware that this does happen and you need to take care of your property.

“Its not a huge thing but if more people are aware of the risk then that’s a good thing.”.