Sparks flew for pub couple after fairground attraction

Robert and Debbie Ellershaw on their wedding day.
Robert and Debbie Ellershaw on their wedding day.
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A pub landlord and landlady got married on Saturday 15 years after the bride had to fight for his attention...quite literally.

Rob and Debbie Ellershaw’s romance began after feisty Debbie stepped in to save her man from an attack by three thugs outside a Morecambe bar.

“I’d been in the old Maggie’s Bar during World Cup ‘98 when these lads started on me,” said Rob.

“They were waiting for me outside when I left. The next thing Debbie came wading in with her shoe and handbag.

“My shirt was all ripped, but let’s just say that the following day I turned up for work in one of Debbie’s!”

Rob and Debbie (nee Walsh) had already caught each other’s eye. The couple met as employees of Frontierland theme park.

Debbie, 36, began work in the Morecambe fairground’s burger bars in 1993 as a 16-year-old.

Rob, 40, joined three years later, first as head of guest relations and later arcades manager.

Until the fight night, they hadn’t plucked up the courage to ask each other out. But afterwards their romance blossomed.

The couple had two children, Chloe and Adam, and Rob became manager at Frontierland’s Ranch House Bar after the park closed down.

Five years ago he and Debbie took over the pub, the last remnant of the fairground where they first met.

The Ellershaws enjoyed a wedding reception at the Headway on Saturday then a big ‘do’ for friends, family and regulars at the Ranch House on Sunday.

They will honeymoon in Paris, Rome and Bratislava.