Sorry, but you’ve rung police in Lancaster, USA

Lancaster, USA
Lancaster, USA
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A woman from Lancaster who called police to complain about a dog dialled cops in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by mistake.

Lancaster City Police were surprised to receive a call from a lady at the weekend with a ‘strong English accent’ complaining about a dog on her porch and yard.

Lieutenant Todd Umstead of the Lancaster City Police department in Pennsylvania said on the Lancaster City Police Facebook page: “People from all over Lancaster County call our front desk every day. They assume we handle everything.

“This weekend Sgt. Schaeffer got a call from a lady with a strong English accent.

“She was complaining about a dog on her porch and yard.

“She gave an address of Ashburn Street and demanded that he send an officer over right away.

“Looking at the phone number and being the veteran officer he is, Sgt. Shaeffer knew something wasn’t right.

“He asked her to confirm her address, and again she replied it was in Ashburn Street.

“He then asked what city she was in and she replied, “Lancashire, England.”

“He kindly advised her that the City of Lancaster, PA in the United States would not be able to help her with her dog problem.

“ Hopefully she was able to contact some good Bobbies to help.

“It is unusual to receive a call like this but we had a little laugh about it.

“Luckily it wasn’t an emergency. I’m not sure how she managed to misdial the number!.”

Lanc ashire Police said they had no record of a call from a woman complaining about the dog and Lancaster City Council Dog wardens had not been contacted either.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania was renamed after the city of Lancaster by native John Wright.

Its symbol, the Red Rose, is from the House of Lancaster.

In 1851, the current Lancaster County prison was built in the city, styled after Lancaster Castle.

The prison remains in use, and was used for public hangings until 1912. The City of Lancaster Bureau of police was founded in 1865.