Sneak preview of The Heartbreaks album

The Heartbreaks at home
The Heartbreaks at home
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THE Visitor has been lucky enough to hear the first draft of The Heartbreaks’ new album and it’s sounding immense!

The Morecambe indie band’s long-awaited debut, called Funtimes, is set for a spring 2012 release and some music pundits have tipped it for great things on the national stage.

And after our own sneak preview, we couldn’t agree more. Funtimes is a stonking great gem of musical goodness.

“If this record isn’t a hit, then there is no hope for the human race,” said The Visitor entertainments editor Greg Lambert.

Guests at a Lancaster arts night will receive their own exclusive listen to two Funtimes tracks this Monday (December 5). They will be played as a backdrop to a photo show by Hannah Farrell.

(And we hope the two songs are Hand On Heart and Polly, by the way...)

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