Slyne-with-Hest Horticultural Society's Annual Summer Show

The Slyne-with-Hest Horticultural Society's Annual Summer Show was a great success with many more people than the last few years enjoying the wonderful displays and delicious home-made refreshments.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 9:00 am
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Despite a challenging season, the fruit and vegetable growers put on a magnificent and varied show, with first time entrants boosting the numbers.

The weather had spoilt many garden flowers, but there was still a small yet fragrant and colourful display. There were also vibrant and imaginative floral arrangements.

The home craft section looked and smelt delicious.

The children’s section raised many a smile, whilst the craft section proved that there are some very talented artisans in the village.

After the silverware had been presented to the worthy cup winners and the raffle prizes had been drawn, the Society Chairman Alan Jolley thanked everyone who had contributed to the show, the organising committee, the entrants, the judges and the viewers who enjoyed the show, for making it a great success. He, along with all the committee, urged people to keep supporting this village event.

Cups – The Marcellus Thompson Cup: Alan Jolley; The Slyne Cup: Alan Jolley; The Alderman Shepherd Cup: Brian Noon; The Mrs C Stopher Cup: Alan Jolley; The Dove Memorial Cup: Brian Noon; The W Newhouse Cup: Alan Jolley; The Dillworth Cup: Alan Jolley; The Rainford and Loxam Cup: Don Hack; The Children’s Cup: Joseph Mills; The Mary Varey Cup: Ruth Catterall; The J Varey Cup: Alan Jolley; The Good Cup: Morna Murgatroyd; The Arts and Crafts Cup: Morna Murgatroyd; The Blue Ribbon: Brian Noon.

Results – Herbaceous perennials, vase: Don Hack; Three vases: Don Hack; Roses, vase: Allan Jolley; Rose cycle: Allan Jolley; Rose, bloom: Ruth Piearcelley; Asters, single: Malcolm Briscoe; Asters, double: Brian Noon; Mixed dahlias: Andrew Western; Cactus dahlias: T E Hindson; Ball dahlias: Andrew Western; Pompom dahlias: T E Hindson; Violas: June Langan; Bowl sweet peas: Alan Jolley; Mixed sweet peas: Alan Jolley; One colour sweet peas: Alan Jolley; Gladioli: Karen Gibson.

Patio pot: Don Hack. Local herbaceous perennials: Don Hack; Local, three vases: Don Hack; Local roses: Alan Jolley; Roses, three blooms: Alan Jolley. Local sweet peas: Alan Jolley; Local patio pot: Chris Cuthbertson; Begonia: Don Hack; Orchid: Ruth Stavely; Flowering plant: John Shakespeare; Small flowering plant: John Shakespeare; Foliage plant: Trevor Piearce; Small foliage plant: June Langan. Fuchsia: Ruth Staveley; Small fuchsia: Don Hack.

Flower arrangement: Sheila Makinson; 100 years: Morna Murgatroyd; Hot and spicy: Morna Murgatryd; Ladies buttonhole: Sheila Riley; Gent’s buttonhole: June Langan; Small cacti: Trevor Piearce; Small succulent: Freda Simpson; Spec cactus: Trevor Piearce; Spec succulent: Trevor Piearce; Christmas cactus: Barbara Rayneard.

Children’s classes – Painted wellie: Daniel Houghton; Painted stone: Joseph Mills; Floating flowers: Joseph Mills; Bunch of flowers: Jenson Lofthouse; Veggie animal: Isabella Harwood; Decorated cupcakes: Daniel Houghton.

Open vegetables – Large onions: Brian Noon; Small onions: Brian Noon; Assorted onions: Brian Noon; White potatoes: Sheila Riley; Coloured potatoes: Brian Noon; Pea pods: G Cunningham; French beans: Brian Noon; Runner beans: Alan Jolley.

Carrots: Brian Noon; Cucumbers: Malclom Briscoe; Marrows: Brian Noon; Beetroot: Vicky Lofthouse; Tomatoes: Alan Jolley; Large shallots: Andrew Western; Assorted veg: Brian Noon; Dessert apples: Brian Noon. Culinary apples: Malcolm Briscoe; Giant veg: Ruth Piearce.

Local vegetables – Onions: Alan Jolley; White potatoes: Dawn Hayhurst; Coloured potatoes: Margaret Western; French beans: Dawn Hayhurst; Runner beans: Alan Jolley; Peas: Alan Jolley; Cucumber: Malcolm Briscoe; Small tomatoes: Ann Hearsey; Tomatoes: Alan Jolley; Rhubarb: Rebecca Coldwell; Dessert apples: Valerie Gill; Culinary apples: Valerie Gill; Other fruit: John Shakespeare; Other veg: Malcolm Briscoe.

Cookery – Chutney: Kate Bargh; Strawberry jam: Rebecca Coldwell; Raspberry jam: Morna Murgatroyd; Blackberry jam: Kate Bargh; Other jam: Kate Bargh; Marmalade: Ruth Catterall; Lemon curd: Kate Bargh.

Bread: Liz Leach; Machine bread: Eric Cuthbertson; Biscuits: Ruth Catterall; Scones: Liz Leach; Tea bread: Ruth Catterall; Victoria sponge: Lisa Hartwell; Chocolate cake: Ruth Catterall; Carrot cake: Ruth Catterall.

Arts and crafts – Watercolour: Chris Hardwick; Sketch: Morna Murgatroyd; Other medium: Morna Murgatroyd; Photo, water: Jon Savage; Landscape: Liz Finley; Sky: Liz Finley; Handmade card: Morna Murgatroyd; Upcycled item: Linda Curwen; Knitted garment: Pat Nelson; Hard handicraft: Elaine Hindson; Soft handicraft: Pat Nelson; Crotcheting: Sheila Riley.