Sluggish thyroid can be cause of low energy

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Constant low energy without obvious cause can sometimes be attributed to a sluggish thyroid.

The thyroid is a gland in the neck which has a huge range of duties because the hormones it produces regulate metabolism of the cells. If the thyroid is sluggish, energy levels and motivation will be low no matter how much rest a person gets.

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) can be diagnosed with a blood test by a GP.

It commonly occurs around middle age and is often confused with menopause as some symptoms are similar. If concerned about your energy and you think the thyroid may be to blame, look for other symptoms such as weight gain that is difficult to shift, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, lifeless hair or low mood.

These things are often overlooked or put down to age or hormones, but if they are due to poor thyroid function then you don’t have to suffer.

At this point there will be people thinking that they have these symptoms, but their low energy levels cannot be due to an underactive thyroid because their levels have already been declared normal.

This does not rule out a sluggish thyroid. Many cases of low thyroid are too mild to warrant medication and to be considered ‘normal’ does not guarantee that you are symptom free.

For people with mild hypothyroidism, Higher Nature make a formula called Thyroid Support and it does exactly what it describes. We recently had a lady looking for a ‘pick me up’. She had been low on energy for over a year, putting it down to stress and recent onset of menopause.

Further questioning found that she’d become particularly sensitive to cold and was having trouble focusing on complex tasks as though her brain was wading through mud. She had said that she just wanted something to help her feel normal again.

After four weeks of using Thyroid Support the lady returned delighted.

Her testimony was that although she wasn’t running around as though on a stimulant, she had energy to clean the house, feel chirpier at work and actually wanting to chat with her husband and play with the kids in the evenings, rather than just flop down on the sofa as before. She had got her normal back.

If you are already medicated for low thyroid but find that it still hasn’t given you back your normal energy, consider taking selenium. It’s a relatively cheap mineral that helps the body convert the thyroxine into the active thyroid hormone.