SLIDESHOW: Dirty truckers blamed for Heysham human faeces outrage

Piles of human poo near Heysham Port have been blamed on lorry drivers – quite literally – shedding their load.

Staff at a nearby engineering firm are kicking up a stink over truckers who relieve themselves on roads outside their workplace.

Photo Neil Cross Tom Akister of Harrison & Hutchinson Ltd, Heysham, is furious because lorry drivers are defacating in the road near the firm

Photo Neil Cross Tom Akister of Harrison & Hutchinson Ltd, Heysham, is furious because lorry drivers are defacating in the road near the firm

Excrement is left on a daily basis and two litre coke bottles full of urine have also been dumped at Harrison & Hutchinson Ltd at the Port of Heysham Industrial Estate.

Long-distance HGV drivers who park their lorries overnight on nearby streets whilst waiting for Heysham Port terminal to open have been accused of the filthy act.

The firm has notified Lancaster City Council and the police but the culprits have not been found.

Jason Akister, account manager at Harrison & Hutchinson, said: “Dog faeces is bad enough but being met with human faeces each morning is not nice at all.

“We have customers and visitors come to look at our factory and it’s horrible for them to have to see that. The lorry drivers clean

up after the deed with tissues, napkins and baby wipes, then leave them on the road too. Our employees are now refusing to pick up any waste and rightly so.”

David Chambers, from O’Reilly Transport haulage firm in Heysham, said: “The area surrounding the port and outside our yard is sometimes littered with bags of rubbish and human waste.

“There is a toilet block on the port however due to security issues lorry drivers cannot just drive in and out to use them.”

Coun David Smith, Lancaster City Council Cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “This is truly disgusting behaviour. As you’d expect it’s not easy to catch the culprits but of course we will continue to try to tackle the problem and also continue working with the Port authorities, who also can assist in this.”

Sgt Adie Knowles from Heysham police said: “There are some CCTV signs up in the area. Unfortunately this has not had an effect in stopping the culprits.

“Hence we will be taking our actions a stage further. In terms of prosecution we could either go with indecency or littering law, whichever is more appropriate.”

A spokesman for Peel Ports, operators of Heysham Port, said: “We do supply toilet facilities for hauliers whilst inside the port but cannot take responsibility for what happens outside the port.”

Raymond Martin from the British Toilet Association, who are fighting for more toilet facilities for truckers, said: “We do not condone any kind of street fouling. But councils are closing toilets at quite an alarming rate.

“As a human being you have to use the toilet and it’s not easy when you’re travelling from one end of the country to another. If you don’t go to the toilet, it can leave a driver feeling dizzy and disorientated.”