Sleep remedy is a snoring success

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ONE of the best things about what we do here at Morecambe Health Foods is people coming back and telling us that what we have suggested for them has really worked.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you some of our favourite success stories for this year, many of them using reasonably new products.

This week I am going to be looking at some amazing results that we have seen with a product called Never Snore. We have looked at and sold a number of different snoring remedies over the years because it can be a real problem for many couples. The trouble is that there has never really been any noteworthy success with any of them.

Things always seemed promising or a good idea, but the results were a real mixed bag with most people saying that the products did not really make a big enough difference for them to want to carry on taking or using them.

So it was with a great deal of doubt that I agreed to stock High Nature’s Never Snore. Looking at the formula, which was completely different to anything we had ever tried before, we thought that really the product should work, but with past experiences in mind we were understandably cautious and doubtful.

The first person who wanted to try the product was a lady who told us that her husband’s snoring had always been pretty bad but had recently got a lot worse after he had suffered a nasty head cold.

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