Site visit planned for Morecambe WW1 factory which could be demolished

A scene from the building, collecting explosives for shells from the stores at White Lund
A scene from the building, collecting explosives for shells from the stores at White Lund
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An application to demolish part of White Lund’s old First World War munitions factory has been deferred.

The plans submitted by Morecambe company Bay Scaffolding has been put back until Lancaster City Council’s next planning meeting on November 13.

Councillors have proposed a visit to the building on Northgate.

Bay Scaffolding want to demolish the old brick building to make way for four modern industrial units.

The building was built in 1915-16 to supply electricity to the First World War Munitions Plant known as National Filling Factory No.13.

Meanwhile a Bay Scaffolding representative said a planning report which recommended the plans should be refused “failed to mention the employment potential” of the new development.

“The applicants are surprised given that several other similar buildings on the (White Lund) Estate have been demolished or partially demolished over the years without any action or interest from the council,” says the representative, in a letter to Lancaster City Council.

“Most importantly the applicants cannot recall any requests from scholars, historians or members of the public to seek access to the building during their tenure of the site. Had they done so they would have been disappointed as the building essentially comprises a three storey brick shell.

“It is considered that the proposed development is ideally located and has important economic advantages, including the potential to triple the number of permanent jobs available on the site from 11 to around 35. This offers significant benefits for a town which presently suffers from above average unemployment levels.”

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