Sinkhole appears in Morecambe street

Andy Mayor with the sinkhole.
Andy Mayor with the sinkhole.

A two feet-wide sinkhole has opened up in the middle of a residential street.

Bemused residents snapped pictures of the 16-inch deep crater after it suddenly appeared overnight in Leyster Street, Morecambe.

Several sinkholes have been reported across northern England this year.

Andrew Mayor, 43, who noticed the hole when he opened his curtains, said it made him consider the safety of his house.

The father-of-four said: “At first, I was shocked to see the fog and then I saw the hole and I was like: ‘What’s that?’ I took the dog out for a walk and there it was.

“It makes you think about the foundations under your own home. It could be water erosion which has been constantly eroding everything away for years.”

Andrew, who works for Lancaster City Council’s refuse team, said children played in the road and he reported the damage to Lancashire County Council on Thursday. A few hours later, workers had filled it in.

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said: “As it posed a potential safety risk we sent a highways team to repair this hole very soon after it was reported.

“The team exposed the full extent of the hole to make sure no further investigation was needed before filling it in and repairing the top surface.

“These sort of things appear from time to time, though fortunately only on a small scale.”

Sinkholes mainly occur when a surface gives way to pressure caused by excessive water from prolonged wet weather or flooding.

At least six opened up across the UK in February. Geologists warned the wettest winter since 1910 would mean more would start appearing.

In April, Florida man Jeff Bush died when he was swallowed by a giant sinkhole as he slept in his bed. His body has never been recovered.