Simple change to diet made big difference

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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This week I would like to share a terrific success story with you.

Six weeks ago a lady came into the shop to see if we could help her. She was suffering with high cholesterol, was borderline diabetic and also had gallbladder pains. On top of this she was struggling with her weight and her energy levels were not good.

Her mood was also really low as a result. The reason she came in was because she realised that unless she took action, she was going to end up on a huge amount of medication for the rest of her life – something she was keen to avoid.

In order to help her deal with all her issues we booked her in for one of our free private consultations so that we could have a bit more of an in-depth discussion about where the problems lay.

Obviously one of the first things we did was to make some simple, easy changes to her diet. We do not believe in huge, difficult changes, but we made some basic suggestions to help her reduce the amount of sugar she was eating and to get her horrendous sugar cravings under control.

She was eating lots of crisps and bread which we cut down and made suggestions for healthy, filling alternatives. We focused on foods she liked and was happy to try, and tried to change the balance of what she was eating.

As well as this we looked at what supplements could be helpful. Our initial suggestion was that she got her sluggish bowels working better and cleared out her liver. A sluggish bowel can make you feel very bloated and lethargic. To do this we initially used some cleansing herbs, followed up with some probiotics – good bacteria capsules – to help keep things working well.

The liver is your main metabolic organ involved with sugar metabolism, fat metabolism and cholesterol breakdown and production. We were therefore hoping that working on her liver would help with her energy, her cholesterol levels, her weight loss and her borderline diabetes. The product we used to try and achieve this was Vogel Milk Thistle Complex.

Now, I will say that obviously we were hoping for a lot from a simple approach to diet changes and some milk thistle basically. What was great was that thanks to this lady’s determination to do as we had suggested, we got a lot.

Over the last six weeks this lady has made all the dietary changes we suggested, taken her supplements and as a result has lost a stone in weight, no longer has high cholesterol and is no longer in danger of diabetes. On top of this she feels great.