Silver Surfers ride the crest of the tech wave

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Isn’t tech great? Here I am, sat at home; working directly on to the pages of this newspaper from my laptop - who would have thought such a thing possible for an old, past it, silver surfer.

It seems, according to a recent survey that a majority of people 55 to 64 are most likely to be using the Internet or using modern technology in their daily lives. This article is but one example with the rest of my fellow guest columnists soon to be using this method to file their reports.

To be honest, if I had the appropriate software on my iPhone it would be possible to send directly to the Visitor from anywhere in the world as long as I had a good Wi-fi connection.

As it is at present I can write a piece from my holiday destination in the Notes facility and at least email it, all from my phone.

It got me thinking of all the daily tasks I complete only using the phone and the list is quite extensive. Firstly there are phone calls and texts. OK, some of the ones we receive nowadays are not wanted but at least I have the facility to check the caller’s number and if it’s a nuisance one - reject it!

I can surf the Internet for train timings to Lancaster owing to the roads almost being log jammed at the moment, I can Facetime my daughter in Spain, watch the Australian wickets tumbling in the test match and keep up to date with world news.

If I’m going on holiday I can book my ticket, choose my seat and receive a digital boarding card, all from the comfort of my armchair. After those exertions I can settle down and read a book as my e-reader is synchronized to my phone.

I can also practice a foreign language as I have an application that verbally translates for me - very Captain Kirk!

The message I’m hoping to get out to all those of a certain age is don’t give up on modern technology. Try to embrace it and don’t try to fight it.

Many of you with grandchildren should utilise them by getting them to teach you the ins and outs of it all. That’s what I have been doing for years - see, there is a use for young folk after all!