Silver’s not just for jewellery

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IT IS always nice to have an article to write about a success story, and even better when the person I am going to write about this week is my Dad.

As many of you will know my Dad has helped many people through the years, both through this column and through his advice at the shop, so it is always brilliant if I manage to help him.

At the end of November my parents went off to my brothers to help him with some decorating. During that time my Dad banged his leg, but didn’t really think anything of it – after all we can all be clumsy can’t we?

But over the next few days this bang developed into a nasty looking sore. It was so bad by the time they got home a week later my Mum sent him off to the doctors. The doctor said it was infected and prescribed some antibiotics and told him to come back a week later to see if there was any improvement.

They also took a swab so they could see what was causing the infection.

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