Sign of the times is fully restored

editorial image

A faded old cinema sign has been restored to its former glory in Morecambe.

The old Palladium cinema ghost sign might have been lost forever had award-winning hairdresser Graham Cass not acquired the old ‘Whistling Oyster’, with the intention of converting the former lap dancing club into luxury apartments.

Morecambe artist, Shane Johnstone said: “When I heard that Graham had bought the property I asked him if he would let me restore the sign.

“From the ground, what remained looked like faded whites and greys but when we got up close we could see evidence of blues, reds and greens. Working with illustrator Kate Drummond, and with the support of Lancaster City Council’s ‘View for Eric’ scheme, we began the painstaking restoration.

“Now fully restored and resplendent, people can’t believe we have matched the original colours but we were very careful not to change a thing.”

The team of artists is now working with the organisers of Vintage by the Sea, the Hemingway family’s Festival led by Wayne, Gerardine and Jack Hemingway, which is to return to Morecambe for a second year this September.