Shrimps boss Bentley proud of players over professionalism

Morecambe manager Jim Bentley is proud of his players.
Morecambe manager Jim Bentley is proud of his players.
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Morecambe boss Jim Bentley said he cannot praise his players enough for their attitude when their wages were delayed by the Shrimps’cash flow problems.

The players and staff at the club were finally paid hours ahead of last Wednesday’s Checkatrade Trophy win over Bradford, much to the relief of the Shrimps’ boss.

He said: “Players at this level are not on great wages, and unlike Premiership or Championship players, will struggle if wages are not paid in on time.

“They all have bills and families like everyone else, and there is no doubt that it was far from ideal for them.

“But I have to say their attitude was brilliant. There were a few concerns obviously, but I was proud of them.

“They were brilliant against Coventry and Bradford, and produced two great performances and should have won both games really.

“The players and the staff at the club showed great professionalism and dedication to the club and I hope everyone realises that.”

On the field Bentley has had cause to complain, however, and has spoken about his growing frustration with referees after a string of “critical” decisions have gone against his side this season.

Bentley was speaking after referee Darren Handley failed to award a penalty at Wycombe in Saturday’s 2-0 defeat when he gave a free kick on the edge of the area for a clear handball in the box at a vital moment in the game.

He said: “People can say I moan or I whinge about luck and fine dividing lines, but when it’s as evident as that handball was, you can see why I get frustrated because that’s a critical error and a game changing moment.

“Everyone knew it was in the box.

“Their players even knew it was in the box but he didn’t give it and at 1-0 down a goal then could have changed the course of the game.

“We had the same in the FA Cup game against Coventry. Paul Mullin was taken out when he would have had a free run on goal and we didn’t even get a free kick.

“It should have been a sending off and a second goal would have killed the game off.

“That decision alone might have cost us £18,000 and that is why it is frustrating.

“Far too many critical decisions go against us and there is no doubt it costs us.”