Shops should ‘offer parking ticket discounts’

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Businesses should play their part in improving the Morecambe car parking experience for shoppers, says a leading city councillor.

Coun Ron Sands said shops could offer discounts to consumers who show their car parking ticket while shopping in Morecambe.

Last week, The Visitor sent a three-point ‘open letter’ to Lancaster City Council asking them to consider a 12-month freeze on car parking prices, designated free car parking days on Saturdays and a five-year car parking strategy for the town.

This is because the high cost of car parking is the number one issue amongst local shopkeepers and their customers. Coun Sands said: “I really think you are onto something here. And I believe many other districts around England would also see the merits of such schemes.

“I understand there is a design of tickets available that is in two parts.One part is placed on your windscreen and the other is dated for discounts at shops on that day only.

“Cafes for instance could give a free tea or coffee – the marginal costs of such an offer should be absorbable, I should have thought.”

Coun Sands is a member of Lancaster City Council cabinet. On Tuesday they voted to raise one-hour parking prices districtwide from £1.20 to £1.30. More next week.