Shopping trolley saved Gran’s life at Morecambe supermarket

Sherie Bell is recovering from her injuries at her home on Knowlys Road, in Heysham.
Sherie Bell is recovering from her injuries at her home on Knowlys Road, in Heysham.

A grandmother who had just recovered from a spinal injury thought her time was up when a car knocked her down at a Morecambe supermarket.

Cherie Bell said the trolley saved her life as a car drove into her at Aldi supermarket car park on Marine Road West.

The 69-year-old barely had time to react as she headed to her car with her shopping.

“When a car is just coming at you there is not a lot you can do,” said Ms Bell, who lives on Knowlys Road in Heysham.

“I couldn’t move out of the way in time, before I knew it I was on the floor.”

Ms Bell suffered broken ribs, a head injury, lacerations to her right arm and leg, bruising to her hands and kidneys and tissue damage in her stomach – but feels lucky to be alive.

“The trolley saved my life, I am lucky, it could have been worse,” she said. “The first time I was hit I thought that’s me, gone.

“I took the full brunt of the trolley as it went right into me and through my back.

“I am lucky nothing happened to my spine.”

Ms Bell was looked after by two women until the ambulance arrived shortly after 5pm on Saturday, April 8. Police were called at around 5.15pm.

She was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and is currently recovering at home. It could take up to 10 weeks for Ms Bell to recover from her injuries.

Ms Bell, a retired business owner, accidently fractured her spine two years ago after years of looking after her elderly mother, her son who suffered a brain haemorrhage and her grandson.

She was looking forward to going back to work at her beloved tea rooms and spending quality time with her granddaughter.

Ms Bell was even booked in for a physiotherapy appointment on Thursday (today) to enquire about treatments to aid her recovery back to work. Now everything is on hold.

“It has taken me two years to get over my spine collapse and for the last three weeks I had no pain and I was feeling fantastic,” she said.

“That was the only thing I was thinking about when I was on the floor in agony.

“I feel like I have been run over by camels but this won’t beat me. I am a resilient person, like my mother.”

The family want to campaign for a lower speed limit of 5mph near and inside the entrance of Aldi supermarket.

“I am not a vindictive person but when you are in a car park you need to be extra vigilant,” said Ms Bell.

Ms Bell would like to thank all those who helped her, the emergency services and Aldi staff.

Police are appealing for witnesses. Anyone with any information is urged to call police on 101.