Shayne not nervous about album reaction

Shayne Ward.
Shayne Ward.
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Shayne Ward is one of those X Factor winners who keeps popping up. His career may not have reached mega star status, but he has an extremely devoted fan base.

Shayne is releasing his first album in four years. I’m assuming it’s taken so long because he has been locked in a gym somewhere lifting humungous dumbbells and drinking protein shakes. His arms are wider than my legs.

Shayne dropped by my show on The Bay for a chat and explained his lack of nerves at releasing a new album.

“I never read reviews so I’m not nervous about the reaction.

“I’m just really excited about finally getting something new out there for my fans.”

He hasn’t been wasting time during the last four years. Shayne has been touring with the musical War Of The Worlds.

“That was incredible. I was stood on stage with Jeff Wayne conducting, that was amazing and to have Herbie Flowers on bass.

“I like to throw myself into a challenge head first and this was a massive thing for me especially from the acting side because it was a very serious role.”

He obviously enjoyed acting because the papers have been full of rumours for months that he is joining the cast of Coronation Street.

I asked him to set the record straight.

“I did go for an audition. That is a massive buzz for me and also my Mum. She is a massive Corrie fan!

“You never quite know how those things go, I’m not a seasoned actor but I’m willing to learn and listen.

“I enjoy the difference between singing and acting and I would love to be in a show like that. We will have to wait and see.”

Back to the music and Shayne has been working on a new album with legendary 80s producer Mike Stock.

“I couldn’t have wished for a better producer for my fourth album.”

The first single ‘My Heart will Take You Back’ has a soul, disco vibe with his trademark falsetto vocals. I asked him whether it was representative of the rest of the album.

“It’s not actually. I was telling Mike about my love of The Stylistics and it went from there really. We just did it as an experiment and it has been very well received by the fans. But the rest of the album is a bit more poppy with some soul in there of course.”

The new album Closer is out now.