Sewerage plans will pump up the volume

The sewerage works at Morecambe.
The sewerage works at Morecambe.

Major sewerage works in Morecambe over the next five years could include a rebuild of the town’s water pumping station.

The plans could see the Schola Green Lane site increase in capacity and a new outfall site created near Sunderland Point.

United Utilities outlined the proposals with a presentation at a Morecambe Town Council meeting.

A spokesman said the aim of the works was to double the size of the outfall pipe running from Schola Green Lane.

Once completed the work should contribute to cleaner waters within Morecambe Bay. The rebuild would allow the capacity of the town’s water pumping system to be increased during times of heavy rainfall and stormy weather.

The exact location of the new outfall is subject to further investigation to be carried out over the next two years.