Seafront lights plan under threat due to ‘slow progress’

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It could be lights out for plans to illuminate Morecambe Promenade unless cash can be found.

Morecambe Town Council has been advised to review its major projects due to frustrations over “slow progress”. They include a scheme to install street lights on posts from the Battery to Happy Mount Park.

The lights would cost around £150,000. The council has been looking into how to raise the cash but may decide to abandon the project unless sponsorship or grant funding can be found

Other planned town council schemes include a band stand in Happy Mount Park, improvements to the War Memorial and gardens, and improved skate park facilities.

A council report says: “It remains frustrating that progress remains slow on the priority projects and as part of this exercise the council should review its position on the projects.”

Talks are due between the town council, park owners Lancaster City Council and the Friends of Happy Mount Park on the band stand.

The town council has also set its draft budget for 2015/16 at £299,048 which has to be finalised by February 6.

Its precept from council tax is set to increase from £178,554 to £180,449 although there will be no extra cost to taxpayers. An estimated £160,000 will be carried forward to 2015/16. The council currently has £177,022.59 in the bank. The planned budget includes festivals (£65,000), PCSOs (£67,608), Christmas lights (£6,200), a long-term plan to spend £55,000 on a town council office/community centre, special projects (£31,490) and staffing and administration (£57,330).