Saucy texts doctor could be struck off

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A woman stormed out of a medical hearing in scenes reminiscent of daytime show Jeremy Kyle after challenging her GP to a lie detector test to prove he had an inappropriate relationship with her.

Dr Mustak Kapadia, 44, is facing a fitness to practice hearing in Manchester and could be struck off the medical register.

The locum doctor is accused of giving a female patient his personal mobile phone number and behaving to her in a sexually motivated manner.

The GP, who is now suspended, was working at Strawberry Gardens Medical Practice in Heysham when he allegedly pursued her.

The patient, who was around 40 at the time of the events gave evidence by video link and told the panel she was “in a very dark place” when Dr Kapadia visted her home in December 2011.

When accused of lying under cross-examination, the woman broke down in tears and said she was willing to go on the Jeremy Kyle Show to prove she was telling the truth.

She said: ‘I’m on about taking him to the Jeremy Kyle Show because I’m not having anyone manipulating me like this. We’ll do a lie detector test won’t we? We’ll see if he is telling the truth.”

Dr Kapadia has admitted sending a string of inappropriate text messages between November 2011 and January 2012.

However, it is in December 2011 that he is alleged to have taken things a step further and the woman alleges he tried to kiss her and then massaged her before she performed a sex act on him.

The pair continued to exchange text messages into the New Year but there was very little contact between them after the alleged incident, the panel heard.