Sarah’s help for Haiti

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LAST year a devastating earthquake struck the Carribean island of Haiti which, according to some reports, left an estimated 316,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and around one million people homeless. The death and destruction touched a Morecambe woman who holds Haiti extremely close to her heart. ROBYN DURDY meets SARAH NORRIS ahead of her fashion show in Lancaster in aid of the victims.

SARAH Norris is a very caring and charitable young woman who knows only too well the severity of the Haiti disaster and also the lack of help the victims have actually received.

Sarah, 23, has a very personal link to Haiti as she spent a few years living there when she was younger and considers it her second home.

She even went over there six months after the earthquake in 2010 to help friends and see the devastation. She wants to make it clear to people that things have not changed radically enough,

“When I went there I felt as though nobody was doing anything, buildings that had collapsed six months ago were still lying there.

“So I was asked by friends to help raise money and I was more than happy to help.”

For some of us the idea that Haiti is still in crisis is absurd but we have to take into account that just because the devastation is no longer shown on the news it doesn’t mean that the horror is over for the people there.

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