Rupert’s new lease of life

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A DONKEY discovered too weak to eat or stand by the RSPCA is on the road to recovery.

One-year-old Rupert was underweight with long hooves and his breathing rate was five times higher than that of a healthy donkey when he was found in the White Lund area of Morecambe last Tuesday, June 26.

He was handed over to animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary and vets fought to save the critically-ill baby’s life with lung scans revealing that Rupert was suffering from a severe respiratory infection.He was fed through a stomach tube as he was unable to eat by himself.

He has since been cared for by the Westmorland Veterinary Practice in Kirkby Lonsdale where he has managed to stand and browse hedgerows for food.

Anna Harrison, welfare veterinary surgeon for The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Rupert’s chances of survival were looking very bleak when he came into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

“He was incredibly thin and weak and his respiratory rate was worryingly high.

“Rupert was too ill to be transported to The Donkey Sanctuary’s veterinary hospital in Devon and so we are very grateful to the team of vets at Westmorland Veterinary Practice for the wonderful round-the-clock care they have given and continue to provide.”

Picture: Dedicated Equine Team at the Westmorland Veterinary Group