Row erupts at Heysham woods

Wooded area behind Levens Drive.
Wooded area behind Levens Drive.

TREES behind Levens Drive in Heysham are being chopped down without permission so that the area can be used for picnics.

The trees are in a wooded area owned by Lancashire County Council, as part of Heysham High Sports College grounds.

But someone has not only been mowing the grass on the area, but hacking down trees as well.

The Visitor understands that some residents believed there was an agreement in place for the land to be maintained as and when needed, but the county council maintains that no such agreement exists at all.

A nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Someone had furniture out having a picnic the other weekend.

“The sooner something is done about it, the sooner they’ll stop doing it.”

See The Visitor (10-08-11) for full story.